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Top 3 Autumn flowers

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It’s Autumn and we all need something to warm the heart and keep a smile on our faces, so here are our top 3 autumn blooms:

Alstroemeria – also known as the Peruvian Lilu or Lily of the Incas, they come in vibrant colours like orange, pink, rose, purple, red, yellow or white and will last about two weeks in a vase. They have striped petals and no fragrance. Cymbidium Orchids – or the Boat Orchid is a stunning long-lasting flower that come in a range of flamboyant colours including orange, apricots, browns, reds, burgundy, yellow and green. Hyacinth –  feature clusters of small flowers along a single stalk and have an intoxicating scent. Hyacinths come in rich colours like magenta and deep indigo, as well as pale pink, baby blue, yellow and white.

March birth flower – Daffodil



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The daffodil, also known as jonquil or narcissus, is the birth flower for the month of March – a popular yellow flower that’s often associated with the Daffodil Day fundraiser.

Native to Southern Europe, this fragrant flower was once believed to have healing powers. According to Greek Mythology the Narcissus flower came about when an egotistical young man drowned in a pool while staring at his own reflection.

To many Catholics, however, the daffodil is a symbol of Easter and its German name ‘Ostergloken’ literally means ‘Easter bells’. It’s said the flower first bloomed during the resurrection of Christ and so it’s become a symbol of sorrow and hope.

Meet the team: 60 seconds with Jenny M



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Jenny Mantis (Jenny.2) has been an integral part of the Richmond Florist team and family for over 15 years.

An ex-flight attendant for Emirates, Jenny brings a strong customer service background to the florist and also helps look after the admin side of the business.

Jenny has always loved the vibrant colours and sweet scent of flowers and she believes they’re the ultimate pick me up! Her favourite flower is the fragrant oriental lily.

In her spare time Jenny enjoys cooking, taking long walks along the beach and fun girl’s nights out!