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February Birth Flowers – Violet



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Representing faithfulness, wisdom and hope, the Violet is February’s birth flower. Known for their heart shaped leaves and five delicate petals, Violets traditionally come in shades of purples, but are also available in blue and white.

Used by the ancient Romans as a medicinal herb, violets can be eaten raw or cooked and are often used in desserts.

The Australian native violet and African violets are two of the most popular varieties, growing well in most areas of the country, blooming during the warmer months.

Potted violets make an ideal indoor plant, preferring a cool shady spot away from direct sunlight and needing minimal care.

Rose colours & meanings

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Classic and elegant, roses have been used for hundreds of years to send heartfelt messages and continue to be the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day.

Each coloured rose is known to carry its own meaning and significance, here’s our top three:

Red: represents true love and enduring passion, ideal for anniversaries and romantic occasions Pink: represents admiration and happiness, perfect for a new romantic interest or friend Orange: represents attraction and conveys a message of friendship and love together

You can also mix rose colours like red and pink, to express combined meanings like happiness and love…

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Valentine’s Day – a brief history

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Valentine’s Day – also known as Saint Valentines Day, is celebrated with the exchange of cards, chocolate, gifts and flowers – but do you know where this tradition began?

It’s said, an early Christian bishop named Valentine was executed on 14 February for performing illegal marriage ceremonies and left a farewell love message signed ‘from your Valentine’!

References to Valentine’s Day can also be found in ancient Roman and Greek Mythology, and the rose was associated with Venus or Aphrodite – the goddess of love.

Today, the red rose is considered most romantic and symbolises love, but pink and orange flowers are also popular gifts.

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