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April’s flower is the dainty daisy symbolizing happiness, innocence and purity. There are specific meanings associated with different varieties of daisies also with white daisies with a yellow centre carry the meaning of innocence. Pure white daisies with white centers are often associated with purity.

The daisy also symbolizes new beginnings, true love and harmony – making it a perfect flower for any kind of gift. They are particularly common in bouquets for mothers and children.

The word “daisy” comes from an Old English word meaning “day’s eye”. This association came about because daisies only open during the daytime.

A single daisy flower is actually made up of two separate flowers – the centre petals are one flower and this is surrounded by the “rays” of another flower. The daisy grows all year round and is naturally resistant to many diseases and pests, making it a perfect flower for those exploring their green thumb!

Bring out your inner child and make yourself a daisy chain to bring in April, or treat someone to a beautiful posy of these simple and lovely flowers today!

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April birth flower – Daisy



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The Daisy is April’s birth flower, symbolising cheerfulness, childhood innocence and purity. The common Daisy has white petals with a bright yellow centre, but different varieties can also be found in pink, violet, orange and red.

The name ‘Daisy’ comes from the phrase ‘day’s eye’ because it opens up each day with the morning sunrise and closes during the night.

Remember making Daisy-chains as children? Discovered in 1884, the Daisy was once worn by unmarried men and women to signify their availability. Upon accepting a suitors proposal, women wore a ring of Daisy’s around their head announcing the engagement!

Daisy’s make a great gift for young children and teenagers, or an alternative to roses if you’re planning to propose!